Student Affairs

T he social and emotional aspects of learning are key areas which need to be developed in pupils so they can learn effectively. They are: self-awareness; managing feelings; motivation and empathy and social skills.

Within each of these social and emotional aspects of learning there are a number of individual skills – social, emotional and behavioural skills. These include skills such as understanding another’s point of view, working in a group, or sticking at things when they get difficult. They underlie almost every aspect of school, home and community life, including effective learning, positive behaviour and getting on with other people. Pupils with good skills in these areas are more likely to be successful learners, make and sustain friendships, and resolve problems and conflicts fairly and effectively. They will be better equipped to manage their feelings, overcome difficulties and work and play cooperatively.

Whole-school issues include topics like behaviour, health and safety, special educational needs and child protection, for which no single member of the school community is solely responsible. These are some of the most important issues facing schools. When they are tackled in an integrated and inclusive manner, they can bring valuable benefits. The duties of every teacher include: promoting and safeguarding the health, welfare and safety of young people; working in partnership with parents and guidance teachers and contributing towards good order and the wider needs of the school.

Upcoming Student Affairs Events

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Music Mid-Term Prac Assessments – All Day (DRW) 7:30 am
Music Mid-Term Prac Assessments – All Day (DRW)
Oct 1 @ 7:30 am – Oct 3 @ 5:00 pm
JoMUN Debating Competition to 1/10 (JIS)
Cricket 1st XI Michaelmas Cricket Week to 3/10 (PMB)
Cricket U14A Charl Van Rooyen Week to 1/10 (Paarl Boys High School)
Independent Schools Stayers Basketball Tournament (Kearsney)
U17 Cricket Michaelhouse Festival to 3/10 (A)
Water Polo 1st team at SACS Tournament to 1/10(A)
Water Polo U14A at Hilton College Festival to 1/10 (A)
Cricket U15A Grey High School Festival (A)
Duty House: Armstrong
Round Square Week
Round Square Week
Oct 1 – Oct 7 all-day
St Anthony Cooper, Earl of Shaftesbury, 1885
Gr 12 IEB Dramatic Arts Practical Exam Rehearsal (DH) 3:00 pm