Environmental Sustainability

Draft of our Environmental Sustainability Philosophy:

As part of the international Eco-Schools movement we aim to play a pro-active and participatory role within the Eastern Cape and South Africa in respect of environmental issues through reducing our negative impacts and increasing reformative actions.

We at St Andrew’s College will actively pursue a policy of environmental best practice in order to assist in creating an environmentally sustainable future. In taking this course of action it is acknowledged that environmental best practice is context-based and will cover biological/ biophysical, sociological and economic factors required for a ‘green’ school.

In order to meet our environmental responsibilities, we at St Andrew’s College will aim to:

  1. Promote environmental best practice in keeping with the Christian principle of stewardship of the earth.
  2. Foster a culture of knowledge, respect and care for the environment.
  3. Promote study of the environment across the curriculum.
  4. Minimise energy, water, fossil fuel and other resource use.
  5. Minimise production of, and effectively manage waste.
  6. Implement an environmentally responsible purchase and supplies policy.
  7. Incorporate environmental practices in landscaping, physical planning, construction and development.
  8. Acquire and maintain an Eco-School status if applicable.
  9. Participate in dealing with local environmental issues in collaboration with the broader Grahamstown community and beyond.
  10. Encourage all stakeholders of the Andrean family to commit to implementing the policy.
  11. Participate in addressing local environmental issues in partnership with the broader community.
  12. Encourage all stakeholders of the Andrean family to commit to implementing the policy.

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