Dayboy / Boarding

St Andrew’s College is primarily a boarding school,

Providing a home for pupils from all over the country, and, indeed, from all over the world. This makes for an interesting student body in which boys can forge friendships with classmates from all corners of the globe. About 85% of our pupils are boarders. Boys are accommodated in 6 different houses: Armstrong, Espin, Graham, Merriman, Upper and Mullins. Each House accommodates upwards of 70 boys.

These Houses, each with their own identities and traditions, form an all-important home-from-home for boarders. Housemasters live in the Houses with their families and are responsible for all aspects of the development of each boy. Housemasters are significant members of the staff and on the Headmaster’s Executive Committee. As such, each Housemaster has an important influence on the direction of school policy and plays a critical role in the nurturing of the boys in his House. Housemasters are assisted by a Deputy Housemaster, House Tutors, a Matron, a Student Tutor and by elected pupil leaders. For more detail on the Housemasters please visit the Student Affairs link and Boarding.

The House is the boy’s immediate community in which he sleeps, does his prep, relaxes with his friends and spends leisure time. Houses have common rooms, television, DStv, DVD recreational facilities. Meals are served in the House dining halls, and catering is outsourced to a professional catering firm.

As juniors, boys share dormitories, but are given increasing privacy and independence with seniority, eventually graduating to their own rooms.

Friendly Inter-House rivalry plays an important role at the School, and boys grow proud and supportive of the House. There is a sense of belonging and being part of a team which provides for a family atmosphere in each House.


Upcoming Boarding Events

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Music Mid-Term Prac Assessments – All Day (DRW) 7:30 am
JoMUN Debating Competition to 1/10 (JIS)
Cricket 1st XI Michaelmas Cricket Week to 3/10 (PMB)
Cricket U14A Charl Van Rooyen Week to 1/10 (Paarl Boys High School)
Independent Schools Stayers Basketball Tournament (Kearsney)
U17 Cricket Michaelhouse Festival to 3/10 (A)
Water Polo 1st team at SACS Tournament to 1/10(A)
Water Polo U14A at Hilton College Festival to 1/10 (A)
Cricket U15A Grey High School Festival (A)
Duty House: Armstrong
Round Square Week
Round Square Week
Oct 1 – Oct 7 all-day
St Anthony Cooper, Earl of Shaftesbury, 1885
Gr 12 IEB Dramatic Arts Practical Exam Rehearsal (DH) 3:00 pm