C4C Coaching for Conservation - St Andrew's College

C4C Coaching for Conservation

Coaching for Conservation® was launched 10 years ago as a project of the Botswana Predator Conservation Trust.

Coaching for Conservation® in partnership with Investec Rhino Lifeline is delighted to announce a continued partnership with the Community Engagement program of St Andrew’s College and DSG.

For the 2014/2015 program C4C has recruited seven enthusiastic and inspiring Grade 10 and 11 volunteers to be coaches for the Special Edition Rhino Program. Having made a two year commitment, these SAC/DSG students help to build self-esteem, inspire hope, and instil a confidence in children to help change the world that they live in.

The SAC/DSG volunteers play a vital role in the program setting examples and being role models for our Grade 5 participants.

Coaching for Conservation is:

  • Born out of 20 years of acclaimed scientific research of Botswana Predator Conservation Trust
  • Endorsed by Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
  • Acknowledged by the Royal Foundation, United for Wildlife as a global leader in Sport and Development

The mission of Coaching for Conservation is to Inspire Kids Who Care and the aim is to positively impact their core values.

C4C coaches mentor children through a process of:
Respect for themselves (to be fit and healthy and to choose to have a future),
Respect for each other (to care about their family, friends, teammates and pets) and
Respect the environment around them (to care about and be involved in designing the world they will grow up in)

Coaching for Conservation’s unique Learning from Wildlife model takes children through a process of learning about the animals, then from the animals in order to be able to Help them.

C4C uses two mechanisms for teaching: one is to harness the power of sport and all the inherent value that sport provides in terms of health, fitness, teamwork and pride; and the second is to bring the animals we are trying to protect, onto the sports field, as the coaches and mentors to learn from.