Rhodes Scholarship

Rhodes Scholarship

When Cecil John Rhodes founded his world-wide Scholarship scheme in 1902, he selected four South African schools as part of that scheme. The schools are St Andrew's College in Grahamstown, Bishops and SACS in Cape Town and Paul Roos in Stellenbosch.
The Rhodes Scholarship generously funds study at Oxford University, where the fees are around £25,000 per year.
One has to be a very strong academic to be selected as a Rhodes Scholar, but the scholarship also has three other sets of criteria:

  • leadership and character
  • community involvement
  • sporting achievement

Any boy or girl who has studied for a minimum of three terms at St Andrew's College is eligible to apply for the Rhodes Scholarship after completing a university degree.

St Andrew's College Rhodes Scholars

1903  C J Gardner
1904  WW Hoskin
1905  W K Flemmer
1906  R H Williamson
1907  S N Cronjé
1908  D L Nicholas
1909  L R Broster
1910  H F Sampson
1911  W F Skaife
1912  R F Currey
1913  B G D Rudd
1914  N E Macgregor
          G W H Nicolson
1915  J S D Clarke
1916  A E M Jansen
1917  A P P Hutton
1918  C A H Green
1919  F J Oliver
1920  L A Rose-Innes
1921  T P Theron
1922  G J Wevell
1923  A R Mullins
1924  E M Brayshaw
1925  H C Mullins
1926  J A d'A Rowley
1927  T W Gubb
1928  G F Bader
1929  H Rees
1930  J V Oosthuizen
1931  K E Driver
1932  C D Cruickshank
1933  A W Gubb
1934  R N Mullins
1935  C J Laubscher
1936  A Tait-Knight
1937  C S Gardner

1938  C Bennett
1939  A W Little
1940  D H Sampson
1941  D W Lardner-Burke
1942  No Award
1943  No Award
1944  No Award
1945  No Award
1946  W G Boustred
          P F D Wallis
1947  D D V Kannemeyer
1948  I G Thomson
1949  A D Ferguson
1950  C J L Griffith
1951  P A A Back
1952  D P Hodgson
1953  M St.L Searle
1954  R A Plumbridge
1955  M J K Biggs
1956  W D Chalmers
1957  I Duncan Brown
1958  D L van Coller
1959  No Award
1960  T R Brown
1961  SWP Meintje
1962  K W Maxwell
1963  P B Gradwell
1964  R B Anderson
1965  No Award
1966  L G Black
1967  D H Anderson
1968  R H Forbes
1969  T D Cloete
1970  B D Belchers
1971  D S Walton
1972  A H Brukman

1973  C A Saner
1974  A D Judge
1975  M A King
1976  No Award
1977  No Award
1978  J H Maree
1979  S H Cole
1980  No Award
1981  A W Still
1982  T A Nuttall
1983  A C Ball
1984  No Award
1985  P M Clayton
1986  A J Rolfe
1987  A J McJannet
1988  No Award
1989  A J E la Trobe
1990  C F N Todd
1991  M C Faralla
1992  A K Norton
1993  D P Amm
1994  M A Tindall
1995  C R Kenyon
1996  D K McKellar
1997  H B Mathiesen
1998  M Fassler
1999  P Credé
2000  K B Mathiesen
2001  A M Paterson
2002  No Award
2003  A C Knox
2004  K L Collett
2005  P B Southey
2006  N Palmer

2007  A P K Craig
2008  B Tarr
2009  C Eley
2010  D Springer

2013  T Abel


St Andrew's College Rhodes Scholar-elect 2014

St Andrew's College and DSG are delighted to announce that Mr Timothy James Abel has been selected as the St Andrew's College Rhodes Scholar-elect to Oxford University in 2014. 

Tim matriculated from St Andrew's College in 2009 with Academic Honours.  While at school he was also awarded Music Honours for piano, and was a member of the Chamber Choir, Pipe Band and Chapel Choir.  Tim was a debater of considerable skill and was awarded Distinguished Delegate status at the St Andrews International Model United Nations competition in Dublin.  He was awarded Provincial and College Colours for Debating, as well as Colours for Service to the Arts at St Andrew's College.  He was the Academic Portfolio Prefect as well as a Prefect in Merriman House. 

Tim obtained a BA from Rhodes University in 2012 with Academic Honours, and Distinctions in Economics and Instrumental Music Studies.  He is currently reading for a BA (Honours) in Economics and is working as a consultant researcher on the 2013 National Arts Festival Economic Impact Report. 

He was awarded the Dean of Students Leadership Award in 2013 for his work with the Masincedane Society, of which he is the Chair.  He has been involved in this project, which feeds indigent people from Grahamstown, for the past three years.  He was previously the Treasurer and has played a significant role in securing the sustainability of the organisation. 

He is also a viola player and has performed widely with the Eastern Cape Philharmonic Orchestra, the National Youth Orchestra, the Rhodes Orchestra and String Quartet.

At Oxford University, Tim will read for an MPhil in Economics.  His particular field of study will be development economics with a focus on the issues relating to democracy in low-income, resource rich economies, as well as the effect that increased financialisation of developing economies is having on their economic stability.

Tim is a widely-read and deep-thinking scholar with an impressive intellect. His incisive analytical mind is balanced with exceptional musicality which adds a profoundly empathetic dimension to his understanding of the human condition.    

Tim was born in Port Elizabeth and was schooled at St George's Preparatory School before attending St Andrew's College.  He is rooted in the Eastern Cape and, given the economic challenges facing this region of South Africa, we look forward to him returning from Oxford University to re-invest his knowledge and passion into the social fabric of South Africa in line with the wishes of Cecil John Rhodes when he set up the Rhodes Scholarship.






Mandela is the patron of the Mandela Rhodes Foundation, the organisation that administrates the Mandela Rhodes Scholarships. As far as possible the Foundation tries to organise all the Mandela Scholars from across the country each year to meet Mandela. There were 28 of the 2010 Mandela Rhodes scholars that met him at his office in Houghton in May 2010. Seen here is Clive Eley with Mr Mandela.


Rugby vs Bishops
1st April 2015
On Thursday 26 March St Andrew’s College took on Bishops from Cape Town in their annual rugby derby in Grahamstown.
Graeme vs Nico Malan
1st April 2015
A new St Andrew’s College 1st XV took on Nico Malan at the Graeme College Rugby Day after their bruising encounter against Bishops just two days earlier this past weekend.